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18th May 2006

vmydarkstar4:11pm: ::crickets::

X posted from asphalt_world

message from Brett
from the Tears forum

hi everyone.

thought i'd come on here and break the silence. i guess everyone wants to know what's going on so here it is.well there's not much tears stuff happening at the moment to be honest but no one ever wanted this thing to get caught up within the drudgery of the whole tour/record/tour cycle anyway.

it was always supposed to be something special that we did for the purest of motives so we will make a new record if and when we feel like it . having spent the last fifteen years of my life caught up in the grinding machinery of the music business i really would have learned nothing if i'd just wanted to merrilly jump back onto it's sweaty saddle.

however, since december last year i have been hard at work writing and re-recording my debut solo record and it's all pretty much done now . i don't have a release date yet but realistically it's gonna be very early next year. i believe it's right up there with some of my best work but you will be able to make up your own minds when i play some warm up shows in the second half of 2006. a brett anderson website is on it's way and i will post the link when i'm happy with it.

'till then be happy, Brett

27th January 2006

katlive11:45am: rare Suede fanclub gig t-shirt
suede fanclub gig rare t-shirt
Only one hour left to grab this super rare, vintage, fanclub gig Suede t-shirt




19th January 2006

katlive3:10pm: Suede fanclub t-shirt for sale
I was hoping a fellow Suede fan might find some joy in this unworn original vintage Suede fanclub t-shirt.
EDIT: Size Large

I bought it through the Suede Information Service (remember them?) last century but never had the chance to wear it.

I was thinking of putting it on ebay but wanted to gauge interest from the fans.

Contact me with an offer if you are interested and celebrate your love and poison for the Suede that is no more!



x cross posted x

30th October 2005

vmydarkstar5:01am: Anyone been to a Tears gig recently? How was it? What did they play?

Are the B-sides not INCREDIBLE? Almost, dare I say, better than the album ;)

29th September 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

10th September 2005

_almanac1:11pm: Hi guys!

I thought some of you might be interested in this:

Suede Head Music long sleeved top:


5th July 2005

catgut_dhani1:10pm: were so disco
cannot believe
has taken me
this freakin' long

to figure out what "W.S.D."
stood for.

what else have you been hiding from me?

7th June 2005

sogi5:07am: the tears
any thoughts on the tears album? wasn't it released yesterday?
anyone? bueller?

6th April 2005

vmydarkstar10:25pm: Just in case anyone has been under a rock, Brett and Bernard's project 'The Tears' have released their first single. Go to http://thetears.org for more information on the band!

3rd January 2005

kovacs771:15am: The Untold Story of Brett... and a mystery WOMAN

Brett Anderson watched his shadow beating its own backside, projected by high-energy lights against the ornate wall of a London venue. It looked like a twisted angel, and in his beautifully wry mind he automatically filed the phrase away for a future song... stopping himself with a quick, rueful smile. Nao... there would be no more songs... no more future! This was the last Suede gig ever, and this was the final encore!




please see my LJ to

Lullabye Dreamstar: The Meeting Brett Never Forgot... but Couldn't Dare To Remember

9th November 2004

silly_wanker6:01pm: VIDS!
Does anyone know where I can get some London Suede music vids without having to PAY for them? THANKEE! :)
silly_wanker2:21pm: Hi! I'm new! *waves*
I'm new to the community, and here are some of my FAVE Brett pix!

he's in fashion!Collapse )

4th November 2004

vmydarkstar10:59pm: It's really happening!!!! Brett and Bernie are THE TEARS.

7th October 2004

suede4:29pm: [I am not sure if its ok to say this here. If its not just delete this post sorry.]

I just opened a community 2 days ago for britpop lovers. If you like it come and join! Suggest 3 bands and one will be added as a new interest :)


20th September 2004

anthrazit3:09am: I made a Brett wallpaper (1024x768). :D


PS. Please don't direct-link.
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12th September 2004

doggirlstar7:23pm: Live pics
I'm going to make a suede live gallery, but to do that I need live pictures... So I'm wondering if anyone here has some live pictures that they'll like to share? You'll get the credit for taken them, of course... I hope to get a lot pictures, so that I can make a big gallery for us all to enjoy :D

X-posted to animal_lover, asphalt_world & _heroine_. Sorry...

8th September 2004

vmydarkstar5:10pm: Photos of Brett and Bernard in the studio!!

6th September 2004

vmydarkstar4:50pm: An update on Brett and Bernie's reunion!

23rd August 2004

kovacs772:10pm: The True Story of Suede
Hi, I have been using various research techniques to unearth what I know for sure is "The True Story of Suede": it has all kinds of evocative subtitles and it is definitely not a version of the band's evolution you will have read before.

You can find it on my LJ but please gather your senses first because this new take on Brett and Bernard's relationship is going to hit you between the eyes like a potato pellet.

17th August 2004

nymph_in_yellow6:51pm: Lost In T.V.
Look what fiona and I spent the afternoon doing.
Guess the video...



hee heee...

27th July 2004

anthrazit1:21am: I made a couple of Brett icon bases! :D Hope you'll like them!


More can be found here: http://www.hazelmotes.net/lj_icons/

No man should be allowed to be that pretty!

Please tell me which ones you're taking, don't direct-link (!!!), credit would be nice, enjoy!

Crossposted to asphalt_world.
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10th July 2004

my_dark_star1:56pm: Brett Jacket SOS
I am desperate for a leather jacket like Brett.. As far as I know, he has two that I like. Obviously you know which ones i mean, but i'll post a few pictures to compare them to.
Could someone help me find a similar one?

Brett jacketsCollapse )
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